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We are a non-profit organization registered in California. We have been serving mainly local Chinese moms who wish to find local resources to spend quality time with their families. A unique challenge facing Chinese moms is that most of our audiences are not English speaking parents or have limited read/comprehension ability of English. As such, we manually search, compile, and translate all the information, and share that on our platform to give local exposures of the community events to moms.

After almost 2 years of our existence and work, we have captured over 18K of local families in the San Gabriel Valley. All of our current content is on an application called wechat public platform. But we are slowly testing our website and our mobile application to also attract mainstream audiences as well.

  • 2016年12月创立,501c(3)非营利机构
  • 平台包括官网,微信公众号,微信社群,及手机app
  • 公众号平台每日提供亲子活动咨询,目前已有12850会员(截止4/1/2019)
  • 微信社群共计21个, 包括教育群, 租凭群, 吃货群, 二手交易群, 团购群, 英语学习群等。
  • 线下活动包括六一儿童节,魔术秀,姜饼屋制作,知识论谈等。线上课程包括儿童牙科,幼童学琴,音乐启蒙,保险理财 考驾照,儿童心理健康,中文学习等。


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