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About MomsInLA

Established in 2017, MomsinLA have been serving the San Gabriel Valley’s local immigrant families with information on where to play, where to learn, and where to spend quality time together. MomsinLA combines all of the relevant content information in a translated format (in Chinese) for all of our community members.

MomsinLA continues to be a leading non-profit organization (501(C)(3)) for enriching family values also through organizing both online and offline events that are tailored to the local immigrant families’ needs.

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Our team members consist of volunteers from working professionals, students, and community members throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

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Attend the San Gabriel Valley Youth Summit to hear from a panel of experts, including…
Come out to Alhambra Park to get some snacks, hand sanitizers, shopping bags, nail kits,…
Come pick up supplies at Live Oak Park on Sunday. We will also announce other…

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